Dry Eye Disease Study opens June 1, 2018, through December 1, 2018.

Treating ocular surface disease is imperative not only to help improve quality of life but also to assist in providing excellent post-cataract, post-LASIK and PRK outcomes.

Dr. Jessica Duran has designed and set-up Downey’s first Dry Eye Disease Study. Her DEDS will allow her to identify the root cause of each individual patient’s dry eye disorders. Although most individuals with DED have mixed-symptoms and pathology her methods focus on providing patients with overall relief and comfort from their DED.

Some symptoms include Dryness, grittiness or scratchiness, soreness and irritation, burning or watering, even eye fatigue. Symptoms may be as frequent as occurring all day every day, or they may have been as long as week or three-months ago and generally don’t dissipate until diagnosis and treatment.

While some treatments are not covered by insurance, many are and the benefits far outway the cost. If you feel your insurance may cover a portion we will be happy to help you verify those benefits.

If you or someone you love suffer from DED, help is available. Call 562-904-1989 today to find out if your a candidate for this study.